Course Fees





Online downloads

Payment in full
includes 10% discount

By instalments
interest free

Pre-Cert.(ES) - ACTDEC Level 1


€300.00 (2 x €150.00)

Cert.(ES) ACTDEC Level 2


€510.00 (3 x €170.00)

Cert.(TM) ACTDEC Level 3


€729.00 (3 x €243.00)

Dip.(TM) ACTDEC Level 4


€888.00 (3 x €296.00)

Practical Phonetics


€250.00 (2 x €125.00)

Advanced Certificate (parts 1 & 2)
Includes Teaching Practice


€1350.00 (3 x €450.00)

Advanced Certificate (part 2 only)
Advanced Diploma (part 3 only) (teaching practice only for those wishing to upgrade at a later date.)



Advanced Diploma (parts 1,2 & 3)
Includes Teaching Practice


€1485.00 (4 x €495.00)

Blended (face to face +)

Payment in full
includes 10% discount

By Instalments
Interest free

Pre-Cert ACTDEC Level 1 (2 weeks)


€484.00 (2 x €242.00)

Cert.(ES) ACTDEC Level 2 (4 weeks)


€858.00 (3 x €286.00)

Cert.(TM) ACTDEC Level 3 (5weeks)


€1386.00 ( 3 x €462.00)

Dip.(TM) ACTDEC Level 4 (5 weeks)


€1584.00 (4 x €396.00)

College of Teacher London TESOL Qualifications                                                                             Payment in full         By Instalments
includes 10% discount             Interest free                  

PreCert(TESOL)  online



PreCert(TESOL) blended



PreCert(TESOL) face to face intensive



Cert(TESOL) online



Cert(TESOL) blended



Cert(TESOL) face to face intensive



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Conditions and Refunds

handshakeWe adopt a very flexible approach to course completion dates and try to be as helpful as possible in arranging course extensions (first six months without charge). After this, transfer from the course originally enrolled to a later course is also possible, but subject to payment of a re-registration and course transfer fee.

Training Link Online provides a detailed syllabus for each course it offers (see
course menu list). Potential participants are also able to view sample course material to gauge the level of difficulty involved.

Please read the terms contained in this section carefully to avoid any misunderstandings especially regarding refunds.

If after consulting the syllabus, viewing the sample course material etc., you are still unsure about the course you have chosen you can always choose to purchase just the first part of the course then decide later if you wish to continue.

In the case of a distance programme a consumer has the right to cancel the contract placed within seven working days after the booking was made.

Consumers must inform Training Link Online in writing — by letter, fax or e-mail — of their decision to cancel.

All course material and any books must be returned in good order so that they can be resold. Administrative costs and the cost of damaged materials will be deducted from the refund total. Any computer files downloaded must be deleted when the refund is made.


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